How to Play Two Up

This should be played as a game - not a method of gambling!

The Ground: a smooth area of approximately 3 metres diameter, with any number of players (MATES or COBBERS)

  1. RINGER: Person in charge of the game
  2. BOXER: Looks after the wagers (in the old days when it was a method of gambling)
  3. SPINNER: Player spinning the coins
  4. COCKATOO: Lookout - watching for the "Law" (Two Up has always been illegal except in RSL Clubs on ANZAC Day
  5. KIP: Piece of wood on which the pennies are placed for spinning

The RINGER will call for a SPINNER who will place a bet with the BOXER.
When this is set, side bets may be made. Bets are either HEADS or TAILS.
The RINGER will then call "Come in spinner" and the SPINNER will walk into the centre of the RING and tosses the coins upwards.

If the coins land with two heads facing up, it is called HEADS.
Two tails is "TAILED THEM" and one each is ODDS.
When ODDS are tossed, there is no result and the coins are tossed again until either HEADS or TAILS results.

The game is for the SPINNER to spin as many HEADS as possible.
If TAILS are thrown, the SPINNER passes on the KIP.

The modern game is often played with three coins so a result is achieved on each throw - making the game quicker.

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