Tourist Refund Scheme

Tourist Refund Scheme

Claim your tax back on purchases made in Australia and taken overseas

The Tourist Refund Scheme allows Australians and overseas visitors to claim a refund of the GST (goods and services tax) they have paid on goods bought in Australia and then taken out of the country.

Claims are made when exiting the country at international airports or cruise terminals.

When making your claim you will need to present the goods, your original tax invoice, passport and boarding pass at the TRS facility.

What are some of the conditions?

  1. Goods need to have been purchased within 60 days prior to departure
  2. The value of the goods needs to be at least $300 and they need to have been purchased from a single Australian business with an ABN (Australian business number)
  3. The traveller must have personally paid for the goods
  4. You need to provide an original tax invoice
  5. You need to carry the goods as hand luggage so you can present them at the TRS facility at the airport or terminal as you leave
  6. Bulky goods that need to be transported as checked baggage can still be claimed but there are extra conditions.Find out more information here
  7. For claims of $1000 or more the tax invoice must contain personal details of the person making the claim (name, address and email)

Australian Choice Customers

For any online purchases made through the Australian Choice website we provide a tax invoice that includes all the information required when making your claim at any TRS facility. Similarly our tax receipts provided in store are suitable for making any claims up to $1000 and if you spend over $1000 we are happy to provide the further evidence you need to make your claim. 

If you need more information feel free to contact us by email or consult with any of our staff in store.

More Information

To find out more about the scheme and confirm your eligibility Click Here

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